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Residential Nassau County Electrician

Pro Tech Electric has over 30 years of experience in servicing our customer's residential electrical needs throughout Nassau County. We specialize in a wide range of electrical services and installations. No job is too large or too small. You can request an estimate by clicking here.

Service Upgrades
Your house's electrical service provides all the power that your house uses. Everything from an electric oven to charging your laptop is powered through your electrical service. The typical electrical service consists of a conduit that houses large electrical conductors that connects power from the utility's service drop to the meter pan on the side of your house. From the meter pan another set of electrical conductors are used to carry the power from the utility's meter to your electrical panel. If your electrical service is out dated or does not provide enough power for what you would like to do in your home you may need to upgrade the size of your electrical service. A typical electrical service upgrade consists of replacing the conduit, meter pan, electrical panel, grounding system and all associated conductors. This job is usually completed within 6 hours.

Generators are a great solution if you want your house to stay powered on during a power outage. There are a wide range of generator solutions available to meet basic needs, such as powering key heating, refrigeration, phone and internet systems to larger natural gas generators that are capable of powering your entire house, including central air conditioning, split cooling and heating systems and entertainment systems.

We install generator solutions that range from manually plugging in a generator to a specialized outlet located outside your house, to permanent installations that automatically sense when the power goes out, automatically start the generator and transfer the power from the utility's connection to the generator. When the power from the utility returns this system will automatically switch your house back to the utility's power and turn off the generator.

To read more about generators, click here.

Energy Use Analysis
Not sure why your energy cost are so high? We can come in and analyze every circuit in your home to help you identify what is using the most amount of energy. We can show you how to reduce your energy use by updating devices, installing efficient light bulbs and recommending certain devices or systems to be put on timers or sensors.

New House Wiring
Whether you're building your dream home or developing an investment property we can wire your house for the basics or develop a highly customized electrical solution for your most demanding needs. Our new house wiring is always done according to the latest adopted National Electric Code and also in accordance with your local electrical codes. All wires are securely and safely ran during the rough in process. All wires are also labeled to ensure your electrical panel's circuit breakers are properly labeled.

Renovation / Addition Wiring
We know renovating your home can be a complex and stressful process. We will work hand in hand with you and your contractor to ensure your renovation is completed on time.

Pool / Hot Tub Wiring
Safely enjoying a pool or hot tub requires that the pool or hot tub to be wired to the latest safety standards. Pro Tech Electric has safely wired hundreds of pools and hot tubs. All in accordance with both the National Electric Code and local electrical codes. From standard pump filters to advanced pool and outside lighting, we'll be sure your new pool is wired correctly so you and your family will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Everything Else
Pro Tech Electric services all of our customer's needs, including:

Switches and outlets
Ceiling fans
Chandlers and chandler lifts
Outdoor motion sensors and flood lights
Landscape lighting
Switch, outlet and hard wired timers
Exhaust fans
Custom lighting switches and controls
Phone, cable, internet and audio wiring
Repairs needed to pass electrical inspection
Appliance wiring
Electric heaters
Equipment service outlets
LED fixture and bulb installation
Power conditioners and isolated grounds for clean electric devices and appliances
Entire house or entire circuit surge protection
GFI circuit or outlet protection
Arc-Fault circuit protection
and much more