Lightning Bolt

Commercial Electrician

Pro Tech Electric has served a wide variety of commercial customers throughout Nassau county. We can work with your company and within your budget to ensure a proper and long lasting electrical solution to meet your company's needs.

Energy efficient lighting
Over the years we have worked with numerous companies and their commercial lighting needs. From industrial lighting applications to retail floors, we can find the right energy efficient solution to light up your space.

Three phase applications
Whether your commercial application needs require 3 phase HVAC or a custom 3 phase wiring hookup for a custom made device, Pro Tech Electric can get you up and running with limited down time. We have expertly wired many commercial and industrial three phase devices throughout Nassau county.

Emergency Standby Generators
We know mission critical applications absolutely can not fail. We can create a custom standby generator solution ensuring your mission critical devices will not fail under any circumstances.

Backup Batteries
Backup batters can help protect your organizations vital electrical needs. We can install batteries where they are needed most, properly sized so they are suited for each specific application.

Surge Protection
With the high end devices that power today's businesses, surge protection has never been more important. We can help you protect the systems that power your company from unwanted and damaging power surges.

Safety Lighting and Exit signs
Safety is important. Being caught in the dark from a power failure is a potentially dangerous situation. We can install emergency battery powered lighting that can also power exit signs around your location. This will help people see where they have to go in the event of a utility power failure.

Everything Else
Pro Tech Electric can help your organization with:

GFI circuit protection
Dedicated circuits
HVAC wiring
Code corrections
Commercial space wiring
Smoke and Carbon detectors
Appliance circuits
Lighting maintenance
Parking lot lighting
Voice and Data wiring
and much more