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Natural Gas Generators

Generac Generator

Powers your entire home

Automatic start, transfer power and stop technology

No gas cans

Peace of mind

Easy installation process

Low maintenance cost

Automatic weekly self test

Anti theft technology

A natural gas generator is a great backup solution to power your house in the event of a power outage. It relies on natural gas to run so you won't need to worry about refilling the generator or gas cans. Natural gas generators are permanently installed onto your property in accordance with both local and national electric and building codes. Alternatively where natural gas isn't available these generators can be configured to run on stored propane.

These generators are permanently installed and hard wired into your house's electrical service.

Combined with a Automatic Transfer Switch, a natural gas generator solution is able to sense when there's a power outage, automatically start the generator and automatically transfer from the utility's connection to the generators connection. When the utility has power restored the transfer switch will automatically switch power back to the utility's connection and power down the generator. The generator waits until it's fully engaged before switching the house's power needs to the generator, in most cases the transfer takes less than 8 seconds.

Most generators perform a weekly power on test to ensure proper functioning and availability during a power outage.

Generac generators are registered to you and a PIN must be entered to utilize the automatic transfer technology.

If you would like a quote to install a generator into your electrical system, you can request an estimate by clicking here.